In this article I will be going over the 5 best CSGO gambling sites in 2021, so that you know which sites you can trust! There are a lot of different gambling sites related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but sadly most of them are a scam, luckily I have already tested a lot of them out so I can share it with you guys! Here you will find what I consider to be the 5 best CSGO gambling sites in 2021.


CSGORoll is one of the only OG CSGO gambling sites that are still as reliable today as they were 3 years ago. If you are looking for a reliable gambling site, then CSGORoll is a very good pick. CSGORoll features roulette, crash, and case unboxings. I am currently over 1k grand in plus on CSGORoll. You can deposit money with CSGO skins, real money, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Use code “ESPORTHELPER” for a free signup bonus on CSGORoll.

CSGORoll - CSGO Gamling site


CSGOEmpire is currently my favorite gambling site for CSGO when I want to play roulette. It features a roulette board with a special jackpot, coinflips, and matches betting. If the jackpot is hit on the roulette, then everybody with “” In their name is given a share of the jackpot. The reason I love playing on CSGOEmpire is that their prices are fair when you withdraw, so you don’t end up with a skin worth $200 after withdrawing $300. It is possible to deposit money using skins, real money, and a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Used code “ESPORTHELPER” for $0.5 free on

CSGOEmpire - CSGO Gamling site


CSGOPositive is my favorite place to gamble on esport matches since it features a very wide range of different games and matches. It is often possible to find odds that are a lot better than regular match betting sites. It is primarily focused on match betting, so if you are interested in casino games primarily, then I would recommend Rollbit or CSGORoll. You can deposit money with CS:GO skins, real money, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Rollbit is one of the best crypto gambling sites in 2021. It features a combination of a roulette board and a normal crash site, where you gamble on how high the number will get, so if you gamble $100 on 2x and it hits 3x, then you would win $200. It is very easy to make money while playing on Rollbit. I made $100 to $1200 within the first hour of playing on Rollbit. I even saw a guy win $3000 on a $1 bet, by gambling 3000x on 1$, the roll hit 7000x that round. You can deposit money with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Use code “esporthelper” for $0.5 free when signing up on Rollbit.


CSGOFast has pretty much every single type of game that you can dream about. Whether you are interested in crash, jackpot, coinflips or just a game of roulette CSGOFast got it. Use code “1m64x2-csgo” for 10 free coins when signing up on CSGOFast.