In this guide I will be going over the best websites to sell CS:GO skins for real money, where you won’t get scammed. Cosmetic skins that don’t affect the game balance have quickly become a very popular way for game developers to add a way to customize the players gaming experience, while at the same time.


Bitskins is my favorite place to buy and sell CS:GO skins. It offers an intuitive UI where you very easily can list your skins for sale. If you don’t want to wait for someone to buy your skins, they also have a feature where you can instantly sell your skins to them. Bitskins sales fee depends on how much you have sold for on their site. The sales fee starts at 5%, but gradually gets lower the more you sell. It is possible to sell CS:GO, Dota2, TF2, Rust, and Z1BR skins on Bitskins. You can withdraw the money in PayPal, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, or by VISA card. If you wish to deposit money it can be done in a large variety of ways (PayPal, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, G2A Pay, Bank Wire, or directly by credit card).


DMarket is a marketplace where you can sell and buy everything from CS:GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortess 2 items to NFTS.

Cs.Money originally started as a website where you can trade your skins into other skins easily, but it has gradually expanded to a full-blown marketplace where you can sell or buy Counter-Strike skins very easily.’s fee depends on what type of skin it is.


Buff163 is a Chinese website where you can sell your steam items and skins. It is currently one of the most popular websites for selling CS:GO skins. The problem with Buff is that unless you have a Chinese passport you can’t cash out directly from the website. This can be circumvented by selling the balance to another player instead. It is very common for CS:GO players to buy and sell Buff balance to each other since it is a very fast way to cash out your CS:GO inventory.


Skinport, formerly known as Skinbay, is a gigantic marketplace for selling CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, Z1BR, and TF2 skins. Skinport has a 10% sales fee, but if you add “” to your Steam profile name they lower it to 5%.


Skinbaron is a german marketplace for selling CS:GO skins. Skinbaron changes a 15% sales fee when selling skins on their marketplace.