Reaching the Global Elite rank in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the sought after things in CSGO, that is why I wrote a quick guide to help you reach it faster.

Train Your Aim

The best way to reach Global faster in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is to train your aim often. By training your aim you improve your chances of winning gunfights, which in turn will result in you winning more games. Checkout my guide on improving your aim if you want some quick tips. I also wrote a guide on the best training maps for CS:GO.

Optimize Your Settings

Making sure that your settings are optimal is a very good way to indirectly become better. By making that your game is running smoothly, you will most likely win more duels. You can find our guide to optimizing your settings for achieving Global Elite.

Watch Your Replays

A good way to figure out where you are lacking, is by watching replays. This can be done by going into your match history in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and clicking download. By watching your own replays you are able to spot where you are making mistakes in your matchmaking games and how you could have handled the scenario better. If you are playing with or against a player that is playing well, you should check out the demo after to see what they are doing to play well.

Watch Professional Players Play

A great way to improve is to watch pro players play. By watching professional players play, you can see how they react in different situations. Professional players do a lot of things that a lot of normal players are not doing, so by watching them play you can become a lot more efficient in your gameplay. That can be done by either watching professional Counter-Strike players stream their Faceit / ESEA / Matchmaking PUGs or by watching professional Counter-Strike players play against each other in tournaments. A good place to watch profesional games is on You can see upcoming professional Counter-Strike games on

What to Do When You Reach Global Elite

When you reach Global Elite you should look into third-party pugging sites like ESEA, FACEIT and ESPORTAL. Third party pugging websites allow you to play against more competitive players, that all want to test their skills to find out who is the best.


Investing in a 144 Hz / 240 Hz monitor is a good idea if you got money to spare. The same does for making sure that your computer is capable of running every map on atleast 300fps consistenly.

Having great aim and aim placement is one of the most impactful ways to get good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for that reason it should be your main skill to be working on. While that has been said, skills like movement and having control of your mental state while playing is just as important.