Movement is a skill that is often overlooked when training your skills. Being able to hit those crispy headshots or flicky AWP shots is a much sexier skill, but having good movement will maximize the number of opportunities you have to hit those shots. Knowing when to run and when you should be walking is something that seems very basic, but it is one of the things I see most often being misused when playing with lesser experienced friends. A good rule of thumb is that you should be shift walking whenever your teammates are close to you so that one of you doesn’t end up giving away your position.

Peekers Advantage

What is peekers advantage you might ask? Peekers advantage is a principle in CS:GO that is incredibly important to understand while learning how to peek. The player that is peeking an angle is always at an advantage over the guy that is holding said angle because the player peeking is actively aiming while the other is playing reactively. The player peeking knows when he is peeking, while the person holding is waiting for the opponent. The player holding the angle doesn’t know when or if someone is peeking, so they often nod off. Peekers advantage encourages offensive gameplay and is an deadly assistance that you should use to your advantage.

Counter Strafing

Counter strafing is a skill in CS:GO where you move from side to side before you shoot. It is used to make your hitbox harder to hit. It is done by moving from one side, then quickly tap the opposite key to where you were going, to make you standstill. Counter strafing is a good skill to learn, however, you need to be as unpredictable as possible when doing it. If you are just “ADADAD’ing” then it will become predictable and won’t do you any good.

Wide Peeking

Wide peeking is when you peek an angle farther away from the corner than you need to, to throw off your opponent’s aim. It is useful if your opponent is holding a close angle to the corner since the opponent has to flick to be able to kill you. Jiggle Peeking Jiggle peeking is when you counter strafe a corner and then quickly shoot before you fall back. Kinda like a fast prefire. The opponent has to be extremely lucky to be able to kill you.

Shoulder Peeking

Shoulder peeking is one of the most effective ways to gain map control in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You shoulder peek by only showing a small part of your shoulder/arm when you peek and then quickly falling back to your original position. It is useful to clear angles and bait your opponents into shooting. It is insanely hard to hit someone’s shoulder-peeking, especially if you are good at it.

How to Improve Movement in CS:GO

If you want to improve your movement in CS:GO you should try to play as much deathmatch as possible, since it gives you a lot of opportunities for you to practice the different kinds of peeking used in Counter-Strike. Counter strafing, jiggle peeking, wide peeking, and shoulder peeking.